26 May

Stig Of The Dump: Artist Of The Month

Stig Of The Dump - Artist Of The Month | YANOS

For our latest edition of YANOS’ Artist of the Month we have awarded the title to Steve Dixon or Stig Of The Dump. The North Yorkshire-born Big Stig is more than deserving of the title having graced the UK rap scene since the mid 2000’s.

Formerly Homeless, Stig’s first Major Release was The Homeless Microphonist EP which was released in 2006 and was written and recorded in only 7 days, the album’s intro offers great insight in to Stigs life while he was homeless. His first full-length album was Mood Swings, which released in 2010, and features tracks such as: Give It Up, I Know What You’re Thinking & Haters.

“I was on friend’s sofas, slept in the Foreign Beggars vocal booth, amongst going to parties and shows just so I could have somewhere to crash.” – Stig Of The Dump in an interview with Broken Culture

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