14 Aug

YBN Cordae: Artist Of The Month

YBN Cordae: Artist Of The Month | YANOS

For August’s YANOS Artist Of The Month feature, we have given the title to YBN Cordae. Cordae Amari Dunston, known professionally as YBN Cordae is a young rapper from Maryland, USA. Having recently released his first studio album, The Lost Boy, Cordae has picked up his fair share of attention this summer.

Despite a selection of self-released mix tapes, The Lost Boy is YBN Cordae’s first studio album. The album sees Cordae team up with the likes of: Anderson .Paak, J Cole, Chance The Rapper, Pusha T and more. Cordae is part of the hip-hop collective YBN, which was founded by Nick Simons and Jay Bradley who met while playing Grand Theft Auto online. The crew found viral success with Nick Simmons’, better known as YBN Nahmir’s, Rubbin Off The Paint.

Some of our favourite tracks from Cordae off The Lost Boy album include: RNP, Broke As Fuck, Nightmares Are Real, and Lost & Found. Despite the list of high-profile features, Cordae still steals the show on The Lost Boy, making a powerful debut. The album has been reasonably well received, with it reaching the top 100 charts in the US, Australia, the UK and more.

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