02 Apr

Michale Graves: Artist Of The Month

Michale Graves | Artist of the Month | YANOS

For this month’s instalment of Artist of the Month we have decided to award the title to Michale Graves, not for his work as part of Misfits or any of his punk/punk rock material but rather for his live work.

Born in Dumont, New Jersey, Michale Graves is better known for his stint in Misfits as well as his other punk/punk-rock ventures alongside co-Misfits star DR CHUD. Since his time with the Misfits, Michale Graves has gone on to perform as part of Lost Boys, Graves Band and Gotham Road.

The work’s of Michale Graves we are most interested in has to be his acoustic material, in particular his “Illusions Live” Album which was recorded throughout the spring/summer of 2008 in both Florida and Bucharest, Romania. The album features a selection of Misfits songs which have been re-worked acoustically, including both “Saturday Night”, which was re-titled as “Crying on a Saturday Night” and “Shining”.

These days, Michale Graves seems to be funding new material through Kickstarter, where fans can pre-order the music along with extras such as hand written lyrics. Michale Graves has gone on to release a plethora of albums through his Kickstarter, and by the looks of things, continues to do so, with a steady flow of new projects throughout 2015. You can visit his Kickstarter here.

In our opinion, Michale Graves more than deserves the title of YANOS’ Artist of the Month. To find some more of his acoustic material please see here. If you know of an artist who you believe to be particularly worthy of our Artist of the Month title or if you have any cool facts about any of the artists we have already showcased, then please get in touch. You can get in touch using our Contact Form, or by emailing us at: contact@yanos.co.uk.