07 Feb

The Exciters: Artist Of The Month

The Exciters | Artist Of The Month | YANOS

Our new Monthly Blog Segment – Artist of The Month – is a monthly feature showcasing our favourite artists from across a range of Genres. For our first weekly feature we would like to award the title of artists of the month to The Exciters, An American, Pop come R&B group who peaked in popularity throughout the late 60s and early 70s

The Exciters were originally formed as a girl group known as the Masterettes in 1961, and acted as a sister group to another group known as the Masters. The Masterettes released their first recording in early 1962 with “Follow The Leader”. The group since went on to change members, and were later known as the Exciters, with a final formation of Carolyn Johnson, Lillian Walker, Brenda Reid and Herb Rooney.

Under the new stage name of The Exciters, the group excelled with their first record, “Tell Him”, which was produced by United Artists Records and reached 4th on the U.S. pop chart in early 1963. The group went on to release tracks such as Movin’ Too Slow and Blowing Up My Mind, which both peaked in popularity. The Group separated ways in 1974, however Brenda Reid and Herb Rooney did have one last hit with Reaching for the Best, which peaked in popularity within the UK’s northern soul scene.

Brenda Reid and Lillian Walker are the only surviving members and still occasionally perform together as The Exciters.

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