09 Mar

Izzie Gibbs: Artist Of The Month

Izzie Gibbs: Artist Of The Month | YANOS

So, after more than 6 months without a blog update from the team here at YANOS, we are back with our latest Artist Of The Month fixture. For this month’s article, the honour of YANOS’ Artist Of The Month goes to Izzie Gibbs, an up and coming MC from Northampton, UK.

Izzie Gibbs, or Israel Grant as is his actual name, is a young MC making a name for himself in the Grime and UK-rap scene. Izzie Gibbs’ debut signed album, Project X, was released in March 2015, although he first graced us back in 2014, with his #ADHD Album and Real To The Death EP. Singed to Dice Recordings, Izzie Gibbs is not someone to miss!

Some of our favourite tracks from Izzie here at YANOS include OK, Everything Good, and Obviously. Gibbs’ fast-riding and aggressive flow is what has helped to position himself as a name not to miss.  Working with the likes of Big Narstie, Izzie Gibbs has certainly not gone un-noticed.

Part of the reason this article has been posted today is because it is in fact Izzie’s 22nd birthday today (9th Of March 2018). What better way to celebrate than with the YANOS’ Artist Of The Month title.

At YANOS’, we believe Izzie Gibbs is a more than worthy candidate for Artist Of The Month. If you have your own comments to add about Izzie Gibbs and his music, or to suggest an artist for our next Artist Of The Month Feature, then please get in touch today. You can get in touch by using our Contact Form or by emailing us at: YANOS.Contact@gmail.com. Keep your ears to the ground for the latest update from YANOS. We have plenty of designs and new ideas in the pipeline, so stay tuned to see what’s good. Subscribe below for updates.