22 Dec

Action Bronson: Artist Of The Month

Action Bronson – Artist Of The Month | YANOS

For December’s issue of YANOS Artist Of The Month, we have awarded the title to Action Bronson! Bronson, whose real name is Ariyan Arslani, is an American rapper who has made quite the impact on popular culture! With not only a catalogue of music under his belt, Action Bronson has also appeared in various TV series, cementing his place as this month’s YANOS’ Artist Of The Month.

Action Bronson’s latest album White Bronco is what helped us to make our decision, having released last month. The 26-minute album is Bronson’s 9th full-length project and includes features from A$AP Rocky, Yung Mehico, and Big Body Bes. The album features his now infamous ad-libs, punchlines, and comedy tales, creating an all-round enjoyable album.

Bronson has been on the scene for a while, having released his first mixtape, Bon Appetit ….. Bitch!!!!!, back in 2011. Bronson’s infamous style, filled with prolific language and references to fine food, is constant throughout all his work. His unique style and persona have helped to establish Action Bronson as one of the most high-profile rap/hip-hop personalities around.

Some of our favourite Action Bronson songs here at YANOS include: Baby Blue, Albino Gorilla, and Swerve On Em, which features A$AP Rocky on this latest album.

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